Joseph Canney

Program Leader, Corporate Risk Mitigation Services

Joseph joined RSC Solutions in 2020 to head the newly formed Corporate Risk Mitigation Services unit. In this role, Joseph assists clients by creating tailored programs and plans that will help them manage and mitigate operational, reputational and business risk.

Prior to joining RSC, Joseph held the position of Chief Security Officer at Cendant, Travelport, Gilt Groupe, and American Express GBT. He has been responsible for crisis management planning and business continuity as well as employee and corporate security. As the primary designer of these companies’ security and contingency strategies, Joseph has used his expertise in driving large-scale and complex change to help secure these organizations against the risks they face. He has been the crisis leader for 9/11 response, Katrina and Super Storm Sandy response, hotel bombings in the Middle East, SARS & MERS Pandemic preparedness and response, as well as everyday concerns of workplace violence, cyber-attack and other threats to companies.

Before his corporate experience, Joseph was a Special Agent with the United States Secret Service between 1991-2000, helping to design security and risk management services for current and former Presidents and Vice Presidents, as well as leaders of foreign countries visiting the United States.

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