Rural Onshore

The ability to exchange information or have conversations with others is crucial to the success of any organization. Effective communication is about: ensuring that the information is well-packaged and properly transmitted, so that the recipient understands the message and responds positively. Many companies that work with offshore services are suffering because of difficulty in communication, unproductive business hours trying to communicate to offshore firms, midnight calls, etc. Rural onshoring offers real-time communication and viable business travel which are crucial for effective and efficient collaboration of projects.

For those reasons and more, RSC has established an US-based rural onshore operation which will help your organization avoid the common pitfalls of an offshore option.  Located in a secure, high tech facility we offer the flexibility of working with a partner in the same time zone, language and cultural compatibility, and access to high-quality talent. We help organizations continuously improve their bottom line through world-class process optimization and automation solutions. 

Benefits of  RSC Rural Onshore Delivery

  • Strategically located with easy access to major north-east and Mid- Atlantic cities 
  • CMM-based methodologies designed for geographically distributed (rural onshore / off-shore / on-site) projects
  • 24*7 secured and monitored facility & separate client project rooms for security purposes
  • Advanced infrastructure and security system for maximum client confidence
  • Total Cost Saving – 30% lower than client’s on-site costs
  • Low Attrition – Great work environment and enhanced quality of life for resources

Service Offerings

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Full life-cycle application integration
  • Web site development
  • Business analysis
  • Support and maintenance of legacy applications
  • Testing and test automation
  • Infrastructure & configuration
  • And more...
For more information about how this US based alternative can help your organization meet its IT needs, read our case study from a large financial services company using our rural onshore service:
Rural Onshore Case Study


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